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Stand Up Federal Way Blog

We launched this blog in response to a need in Federal Way for another voice.  The so-called mirror of Federal Way has become an echo chamber of far-left sentiments.  The idea that safety is important is met with derision - as if compassion if found in enabling people to kill themselves on our streets and destroy our communities in the process.

Ground rules:

Anyone can submit a post. We will try to accommodate many voices as long as they focus on Federal Way.

Topics may not be specifically partisan.

Topics must be local.  If it is not a hyper-local topic, you need to have tied your topic to how it affects Federal Way directly.

All dialogue is to remain respectful.  You don't have to agree with a post to comment.  Healthy debate is welcome!  However, name-calling and personal attacks will be deleted.  (We don't have time to babysit.)

We'll add rules as stuff comes up.  Please don't make us add rules.

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1600-B SW Dash Point Rd #173, Federal Way, WA  98023

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