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​We’re insultingly called NIMBYs. I’m going to own it.

Not in my back yard:

Addicts shooting up

Addicts OD'ing

Addicts being enabled with free needles

Addicts leaving dirty needles on the ground

Addicts creating toxic waste encampments

Addicts walking down the street naked

Addicts stealing without repercussion

Addicts stealing car parts

Addicts stealing cars

Addicts carjacking people

Addicts breaking into homes

Addicts walking across busy streets into traffic

Addicts impeding traffic with panhandling signs

All the gang violence that surrounds drug supply

All the prostitution/human trafficking that surrounds drug supply

Compassion for drug addicts is not enabling them and allowing lawlessness. Real compassion for drug addicts is requiring them to get help or get out. I don’t want fake compassion in my back yard. #nimby #safefederalway

~Sarah S. Nelson

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